With the following awards, the European Association for Sport Management (EASM) recognises outstanding contributions to its annual European Sport Management Conference in particular, and aspirational research in general. Please note that Short Papers can only be submitted either towards the EASM Best Conference Paper Award 2022 or the ESMQ New Researcher Award 2022.


EASM Best Conference Paper Award 2022

Researchers are invited to submit a Short Paper in order to be considered for the EASM Best Paper Award 2022, which will be awarded at the conference.

To be considered for the Award, applicants submit a Short Paper (maximum 2,500 words; including tables/figures and captions, but excluding references) in addition to their standard Scientific Abstract (see Abstract Submission Guidelines here). The submission should be based on fresh research that is has not been published/accepted as a journal article or that is under review already.

In the first round, submissions are filtered based only on the strength of the respective Scientific Abstract that is submitted simultaneously with the Short Paper. In the second round, remaining Short Papers are independently evaluated by the Award Committee. In the final round, the Committee decides on the winner based on three shortlisted papers.

The EASM Best Conference Paper Award 2020 was awarded to Timothy Kellison (Georgia State University).


ESMQ New Researcher Award (NRA) 2022

This award is organised by European Sport Management Quarterly and sponsored by Routledge Journals.

The NRA is for the best original theoretical or empirical advance and significant unpublished contribution in sport management. The research should be appropriate for presentation and for publication in ESMQ.

To be eligible for the Award, researchers must be near to completion of their PhD or have graduated less than three years prior to submission. The prize is established to stimulate dissemination of new ideas and innovative research in sport management by encouraging new researchers at the start of their career.

The author/s of the best paper will receive a prize of EUR 500 which has been donated by Routledge Journals. In addition, the winner will receive a complimentary one-year membership to the European Association for Sport Management (EASM), which includes a free annual subscription to the ESMQ. The winner will also be invited to submit a full paper of his/her work to the ESMQ for publication, taking into account the comments and feedback of the reviewers on how the paper may be strengthened for possible publication. The normal ESMQ review process will then take place.

An NRA panel will adjudicate on the award which will be weighted as follows:

  • 70% will be based on the written paper
  • 30% will be based on the oral virtual presentation

Please note the instructions for NRA paper submissions, which is organised along a three-stage process:

Round 1: Applicants submit both a standard Scientific Abstract (650-800 words) and a Short Paper (maximum 2,500 words; including tables/figures and captions, but excluding references). In the online submission form on the ESMQ website, they should select the category “ESMQ New Researcher Award 2022“. All Scientific Abstracts and Short Papers will be reviewed. Selected candidates will be invited to participate in the following round.

Round 2: The selected candidates submit a Full Paper adhering to ESMQ submission guidelines via ESMQ’s online submission homepage.

Round 3: The selected candidates are invited to present their papers as part of the European Sport Management Conference in September 2022. The presentation should not be a response to the reviews but focus on the contribution of the work to the sport management literature.

Also, please consider the following information:

  • Selected candidates need to provide a statement regarding the stage of their academic career, including where appropriate, the date of graduation for their doctoral degree as “Remark/Message to the Program Committee and Chairs”.
  • The research paper may not have been presented or published previously in scholarly outlets.
  • If the paper is co-authored, a note as to the distribution of work among authors must be provided by the authors.
  • PhD candidates are allowed to submit one NRA paper only.

The ESMQ New Researcher Award 2020 was presented to Bram Constandt (Ghent University).

The ESMQ New Researcher Award 2022 process and panel is chaired by Andrea Geurin (Loughborough University London;

Members of the 2022 NRA panel are currently being confirmed.


EASM Best Conference Reviewer Award 2022

The EASM Best Conference Reviewer Award recognises outstanding dedication in providing knowledgeable reviews in a collegial spirit to promote both the development of colleagues’ work, and overall scientific quality of the conference.

The Conference Scientific Committee acts as the award committee, informed by the Conference Track Review Chairs.

The five recipients of the EASM Best Conference Reviewer Award 2020 were: Ann Bourke (University College Dublin), Dana Ellis (Laurentian University), Gashaw Abeza (Towson University), Geoff Dickson (La Trobe University), Kirstin Hallmann (German Sport University), Sebastian Uhrich (German Sport University)