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University of Innsbruck

Founded in 1669, the Leopold-Franzens University Innsbruck is the largest and most important research and educational institution in the western part of Austria with 28.000 students and over 5000 employees. Located at a traditional north-south crossroads connecting Europe, the University is oriented internationally while positioned locally. International rankings confirm the University of Innsbruck’s leading role in basic research. In this successful environment, a wide range of studies across all disciplines is offered at the 16 faculties.

The University’s main mandate is to focus on research and development, teaching, and continuing professional education and training. All members of the University, students, and staff alike, actively take responsibility to sustainably contribute to developments at the university and in society. The University creates an environment where free, creative, and daring thinking can prosper and offers diverse opportunities through comprehensive education. The leading principles to promote these values are participation, cooperation, trust, and transparency as the democratic tradition demands.

Department of Sport Science

The goal of the Department of Sport Science is to do research in the field of sports science with health-related and performance-related focus and to achieve high-impact contributions to the research field. The research focus on the fields of sports medicine, biomechanics, neurosciences, physiology, sports psychology, education and sports economics ensure that the students have access to the latest developments in research during their studies.

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